A place that brings together franchised dealers and trusted suppliers.


What is the Marketplace Club?

Do you sometimes feel that, as a small dealer group or single site operation, you are not competing on a level playing field with the bigger groups and that you don’t receive the terms from suppliers that your larger competitors do? If you do then read on as there is a solution for you.

I am Chris Elvidge and I have been in Managing Director and Finance Director roles in the Motor Industry for 25+ years across several large groups covering many different Franchises.

  • During that time I have dealt with many different suppliers of products and services.
  • I have seen products and services that work and those that don’t.
  • I have experienced great service and sometimes not.
  • I have though, ended up with a network of excellent providers who I believe are the best in their field, with outstanding products backed up by excellent service and who I have personally dealt with and trust.
  • The Marketplace therefore aims to bring together these suppliers and dealers under one organisation.

I have used my long term relationship with these key suppliers to negotiate preferential terms that are usually only achievable with committed large volumes of business or to large groups.

We all know that the key to good working relationships with suppliers is not just about price, it is about them working alongside you as long term partners, helping you grow, improve your performance whilst keeping your costs under control.

Free to join and no monthly or annual subscriptions

That is why each of these suppliers have been personally hand-picked by me. I have first-hand knowledge of each and everyone of the companies and/or people involved with them. I can therefore assure you that their service and support will be Industry leading.

The details of the suppliers to the Marketplace Club are shown in this electronic brochure. Note that no prices or terms are shown in the brochure as these are confidential to the members of the Marketplace Club and are only disclosed when contact is made between the members and the suppliers.